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Keep feet at comfortable temperature

Wicks moisture away from the skin

Wool prevents unpleasant odour

Loose top does not restrict circulation

Women's Ortovox All Mountain Merino Mid Socks

Code: 1-00022

These socks have cushioned stress zones with reinforced material.


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Keep feet at comfortable temperature

Wicks moisture away from the skin

Wool prevents unpleasant odour

Loose top does not restrict circulation

Description and specifications Maintenance Review

Product description

Women’s All Mountain performance mid socks ensure maximum comfort for your feet. The special zones mean that your feet will be well looked after during any activity. The stressed parts are cushioned and reinforced with extra material. The socks have been made so as to copy the shape of the leg and the material wicks sweat away easily. All Ortovox products have been tried and tested in the most challenging mountain conditions, making it a premium sports brand.

These socks are suitable for all winter sports, hiking, but also for everyday wear. Thermal clothing is essential when you need to be protected in extremely low temperatures. For this reason, this performance clothing is made of premium quality Tasmanian Merino wool. This high quality material is superb at retaining heat, keeping you nice and warm in very cold conditions. On the other hand, when it suddenly gets warm or when you work really hard, it cools you down, wicking moisture away from the skin to the surface where it evaporates. Tasmanian wool is excellent at temperature control and wicks sweat away from the skin really well. The material is extremely hardwearing and resistant to damage.

For over 30 years, the Ortovox company has been manufacturing clothing and accessories for freeriders, mountain guides and other winter sports enthusiasts.
Ortovox clothing is used by the Mountain Rescue in Austria, the Avalanche Warning Service in Tyrol and the Mountain Rescue in the Czech Republic.

Material: 63 % Merino wool, 35 % Polyamide, 2 % Elastane

How to care for the product

Items made of sheep’s wool are very easy to care for. Because wool is self-cleaning, clothing made of wool need not be washed as often as other materials and can therefore be worn for longer periods without requiring a wash. This is a great advantage, for example, with thermal underwear or socks, as you can wear them for several days in a row, let’s say, on a trip outdoors where there is no way to wash them. Generally, you just need to let the clothes dry and leave them in fresh air for a while. 

You can wash woollen clothing in the washing machine on a setting designated for wool and other delicate materials. It is important to set the temperature to no more than 30°C and the spin cycle to low. Always use only detergents specifically designed for wool and do not use fabric softener. 

When washing by hand, keep the water temperature constant and do not wring the clothes, just gently squeeze the water out. Allow to air-dry, preferably on a flat surface. Never dry wool on a radiator, and avoid direct sunlight. Do not use a tumble dryer.


Category For adults
Colour Red
Season Winter
Activity Sport
Brand Ortovox
Material Sheep's wool

Benefits of sheep wool

Maintains a constant temperature

Removes moisture

Natural material

Easy maintenance

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