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Wool sleeping pad for dogs - Dark gray

Code: 18-00401-12

Our pets are loyal friends, and they deserve only the best for their moments of rest. With a woolen pad, your dog will sleep comfortably and in warmth anywhere.

18,90 €

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Wool sleeping pad for dogs -  Natural Wool sleeping pad for dogs -  Dark gray

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Description and specifications Maintenance Review

Product description

Naši mazlíčci jsou nám věrnými přáteli, a tak si pro své chvíle odpočinku zaslouží jen to nejlepší. S vlněnou podložkou se bude vašemu pejskovi spát příjemně a pohodlně kdekoliv. Měkká vrstva ovčí vlny je podšitá odolným, nepromokavým materiálem, a i při umístění na studené podlaze nepropustí chlad k tělu pejska. Podložku můžete lehce sbalit s sebou na cesty, dopřát tak svému miláčkovi pohodlí domova i na dovolené, a využít ji také jako ochranu sedadel v autě při přepravě pejska. Podložka je vyrobena ze 100% ovčí vlny. Tento materiál lze prát v automatické pračce na program "Vlna" na max. 30°C, nebo také v ruce.

Rozměry: 40 x 60 cm

How to care for the product

This product is ideally maintained by a dry cleaning method offered by all conventional dry cleaners. This method of cleaning does not cause precipitation or deformation.

Hand washing
This product can be hand washed, we recommend a bath up to 30 ° C. When rinsing, it is sufficient to gradually reduce the water temperature to avoid precipitation or deformation. Then just gently squeeze and dry horizontally to prevent material from being pulled out. A suitable maintenance product is Lanolin, which we offer is as gentle as possible for sheep wool.

Machine washing
We do not recommend washing the product in the washing machine.

Be sure not to dry the product on heater. In case the heating exceeds the temperature of 30 ° C, (which is quite normal) the water contained in the knit is also heated above 30 ° C and the product shrinks in the same way as in an unsuitable wash.

When drying in a dryer, we recommend using intelligent woolen balls that absorb the moisture of the laundry, reduce its static charge, make it easier to work with ironing and even fulfill the function of fabric softener. They can also be used outside the dryer by placing them in the laundry basket for a while, where they can also absorb moisture in the meantime before hanging.

Do not use fabric softener!
Machine washing will degrade the product, knit the fabric and shrink. Such a degraded product cannot be claimed.


Season Yearlong
Manufacturer Vlnka
Material Sheep wool

Vlnka brand

Because we value what nature gives us, the Vlnka brand was established in Zlín. It brings the joy and comfort of natural materials to all those who want quality, stylish products. Vlnka offers clothes, shoes, bedding and other accessories for the whole family, from babies to grandparents.

Benefits of sheep wool

Maintains a constant temperature

Removes moisture

Natural material

Easy maintenance

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