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Protects against cold and draughts

For pleasant moments of relaxation

For days full of work at home and outdoors

Made of natural material

Wool sweatshirt 2-in-1 - Beige

Code: 7-00015-PRIRODNI

The hooded sweatshirt is made in 2in1 style so it has a really wide range of uses

Wool sweathshirt 2-in-1 - Dark Gray Wool sweatshirt 2-in-1 -  Beige
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Protects against cold and draughts

For pleasant moments of relaxation

For days full of work at home and outdoors

Made of natural material

Description and specifications Maintenance Review

Product description

This hooded sweatshirt is very modern and sleek, so it is also suitable for the most demanding customers! The current hooded sweatshirt is made in 2in1 style so it has a really wide range of uses. You can use it in cooler weather like a sweatshirt and wrap it in a warm hood, or you can also remove the hood and sleeves and wear a nice vest. The sweatshirt with elegant hood and detachable sleeves is made of high quality sheep wool, two practical pockets on the sides and comfortable zipper fastening.

Merino wool is the material obtained by shearing young Australian sheep, where the sheep wool is the finest and the highest quality. You do not have to worry about the unpleasant feeling of biting, merino wool does not even irritate human skin. The advantage of this material is the thermoregulatory property, which means the ability to regulate the optimum body temperature and at the same time it can evaporate any excess humidity into the air. For healthy sleep, we highly recommend sheep cots that reduce tension, pain, and last but not least, remove the positive ions that damage our body and cause fatigue or headache.

How to care for the product

Sheep wool products are very low maintenance. Thanks to its natural lanolin content, wool can clean itself. This process is supported by regular shaking and ventilation in fresh air. The material retains its fluffiness and softness, excess moisture is removed from the wool and mite breeding is reduced. Any natural odours of the wool will also dissipate more quickly with ventilation.

When cleaning wool, use only products designed for wool, such as Lanolin detergent. To spot clean, use a soft damp cloth and Lanolin mixed in a spray bottle with water. You can also hand wash the product in a lukewarm bath at a constant temperature of up to 25°C. Add Lanolin to the water, which not only cleans the wool but also treats it naturally.

Do not wring the washed products, just gently squeeze and leave to dry, ideally in a horizontal position. Never dry wool on a heater, and avoid direct sunlight. Do not use a tumble dryer.

It is not recommended to machine wash sheep's wool products. This can cause the material to deteriorate.
If heavy soiling occurs, wool products can be taken to a professional dry cleaner. The material can only be dry-cleaned in a dry cleaner.


Category Women, Men
Color Off white
Temperature properties Cold weather
Season Yearlong
Activity Leisure
Fastening With zipper
Manufacturer Vlnka
Material Sheep wool

Benefits of sheep wool

Maintains a constant temperature

Removes moisture

Natural material

Easy maintenance

Reviews from our customers

4.9 (54 review)

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Size chart

Sweatshirt 2v1

Size Size (cm)  Size (inches) Chest/Bust (cm) Chest/Bust (inches) SLEEVE LENGTH
S 74 29 102 40,15 68 26,7
M 75 29,5 110 43,3 69 27,1
L 78 30,7 116 45,6 70 27,5
XL 80 31,5 124 48,8 71 27,9
2XL 82 32,3 138 54,3 72 28,3
3XL 84 33 140 55,1 73 28,7
4XL 87 34,2 148 58,2 74 29,1

How to measure?

Clothing for children and adults

Our sheep wool vests are straight cut, so they are the same width all the way round. We therefore recommend that you measure at the widest point of your torso, and choose a vest at least a few centimetres larger to accommodate another layer of clothing underneath.

Merino wool sweaters are made from a wool knit, so they are stretchy and conform to your body shape. For children's patterns, you just need to know your torso height, but for adult sweaters chest circumference is also important. Use this information to choose the ideal size quickly and easily.

We recommend that you choose thermal underwear that is more fitted to the body. Sizes may vary between manufacturers, so please check the size charts before purchasing.

If the clothes you buy do not fit, we will be happy to exchange the size for free.