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Woolen Newborn Set - White M

Code: 4-00030

The woolen set for newborns in natural white color is made of high-quality Merino sheep wool. The M size woolen set includes a 37 cm newborn hat, a 68 cm wrap sweatshirt, mittens, and soft socks.

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Product description

The woolen set for newborns in natural white color is made of high-quality Merino sheep wool. The M size woolen set includes a 37 cm newborn hat, a 68 cm wrap sweatshirt, mittens, and soft socks.

great advantage of the cap is its shape, where the cut of the earcup allows sufficient coverage of the ears. The cap is also equipped with two strings, which can be tied under the chin to keep the hat stable. Comfortable woolen mittens for babies in the same color design are great for cold winter days. A simple wrap-around Merino sweatshirt that guarantees a pleasant warm all over your body and a Merino wool socks for children's feet.

Thanks to the use of Merino sheep wool, a material obtained by shearing young Australian sheep, the set has all the necessary properties of wool. The material was processed to be as soft as possible to the delicate skin of small children. Merino wool is not biting and in addition has excellent thermoregulatory properties, ie. it guarantees the regulation of optimal body temperature and at the same time it can evaporate excess moisture, so that the baby will not overheat or sweat in it unnecessarily.

You will certainly appreciate that the wool sets are made by the Czech traditional brand Vlnka. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials, the products have gained world certificates of quality and authenticity.


Manufacturer Vlnka
Material Sheep wool
Kolekce Kolekce Novorozenecké soupravy

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