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Discounts and special offers

How do Woolvile discounts and special offers work?

At Woolville, we love to make you happy. So, at times, you can save on shipping, take advantage of a discount promotion or you can also become a loyal member of Woolville flock and enjoy many benefits throughout the year. Each special offer we run has its own terms and conditions, which you can read about below.

Free shipping

Free shipping is standard on orders over 275 €. Though if you become a member of Woolville flock, you get free shipping from 99 €. If we have a Free Shipping promotion, you can take advantage of it for fluffy orders over 20 €.

If the free shipping promotion is running with a specific carrier, there is no need to enter a code in the basket. Free shipping will be offered automatically when you choose the specific carrier.

  • Free shipping can also be redeemed via a discount code, in that case, shipping is free with all carriers.

Special offers

No further discounts can be applied to fluffy products that are already on sale. Discounts are not cumulative.

Discount code

Discount is obtained by entering a discount code in your shopping basket and can apply either to all products, a specific section or selected products. Entering a discount code will deduct a specific amount or % from the product price.

A discount code does not apply to:
  • Items already discounted (discounts are not cumulative) and gift vouchers
  • Promotional sets
  • Add-ons in the basket
  • In some cases the discount cannot be applied to new products

How to apply a discount code?

First, place the items you like into the basket.

Then go to the basket – you will see an overview of your selected items and their total price.

Enter the discount code in the box marked Insert discount code and click apply. If the conditions for applying the discount are met, a percentage discount is calculated or a fixed amount is deducted.

Woolville flock

Are you a member of Woolville flock? Then you are entitled to a number of benefits.

As a member of Woolville flock, you automatically get a 5 % discount on the original price of a product.  Would you also like to use a discount code? The discount from the code will be calculated on the already discounted original price that had been reduced by 5 %. However, it does not apply to add-ons in the basket.

Example: You have selected an item costing 40 €. As a member of Woolville flock, you automatically get a 5 % discount on this price, that is 2 €. So the price of the item for a member is 38 €. If you use a 15 % discount code, this discount is then calculated from the price of 38 €.  After deducting 15 %, that is  5,7 €, the price of the product after discount is 32,30 €.

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