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In the blanket section we offer wool sheep blankets, pillows and sheets. From the traditional Czech brand Vlnka you can find quilted blankets and pillows.

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The blanket adapts to body temperature, so there is no feeling of heat or sweating. Also classic woolen blankets, pillows and sheets in many size variants and patterns. Kama knitted blankets are made from Merino wool quality yarns. Vlnka sheep wool sleeping bags are suitable for both classic and sporty strollers. Merino sheep wool bedding is thermoregulatory and antibacterial. We can also recommend it to allergy sufferers because of low dustiness. Bedding produces dry heat, which means it has a very positive effect on rheumatism, kidney and urinary tract. This wave of merino is obtained by shearing young Australian sheep, is thoroughly and thoroughly washed without odor.