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Functional clothing

In the Functional Underwear section, we offer a rich offer of quality Merino wool functional underwear, produced by the Ortovox brand. You can choose from several possible variants and types of woolen thermo-linen. From boxers with merino underpants and shirts. Every garment collection is marked with a number that determines the thickness of functional clothing. Depending on the thickness.

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The Ultra 145 collection is used for everyday wear, but also for hiking or climbing activities. 185 Rock'n wool is designed for lovers of free ride. The original design of the 185 Series is a very typical feature for the Ortovox brand. For skiers and lovers of all winter sports we recommend a 230 competition. This is a variant of a high sheat thermal sheathing sheep wool.

The material from which this clothing is used is the wool of merino from sheep farmed in Tasmania. The merino wool perfectly regulates the temperature of the human body and reliably removes sweat from the skin. The top athletes, organizing mountain tours, wear mainly Ortovox underwear, as it has high hygienic and antibacterial properties. Tasmanian wool warms up and reliably keeps heat at low temperatures. In the event of sudden warming or heavy performance, cool and reliably drains moisture from the body that evaporates into the air.

For over 30 years, Ortovox has been producing clothing and accessories for freeriders, mountaineers and other winter sports enthusiasts. Mountain Service in Austria uses Ortovox apparel as well as Avalanche Prevention Center in Tyrol and Mountain Service of the Czech Republic. This is a premium brand.