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Sheep’s wool, cotton, wood or herbs. These materials are the essence of Woolville. Have you noticed what they have in common? They all come from nature. Because what is more than nature and its gifts? For us, nature is a never-ending source of inspiration and we are well aware that without nature, there would be no Woolville. That is why we respect it and look after it, so it can, in turn, look after us and the future generations too. 

And because we appreciate the care nature gives us, we also believe in our products. All of us at Woolville often wear and test them first, so that we can recommend them to our loved ones as well as to you, our customers.

1. Wool – a fluffy natural miracle

We bring products made of wool and natural materials to everybody who enjoys creating a warm and welcoming home. Putting aside the beneficial properties of wool that so lovingly look after us and our loved ones, sheep's wool in itself is one of the most sustainable natural fibres on the planet that clothing, bedding and footwear can be made of.

Renewable material

Sheep grow wool all year round and it is important to shear their fleece regularly in order for them to stay healthy. So sheep are more comfortable and we get a valuable renewable natural material with many uses. 

Ethical and sustainable fashion

If you look after your fluffy items well, they will remain in a great condition for years. This is why they naturally fit in with the concept of sustainable, or in other words slow, fashion that cares about responsible production with respect to nature, location and fair wages.

Our own brand Vlnka

From the very beginnings, the quality of our products has been our top priority. In order to be sure that we truly offer the best for yours and your loved ones’ health, we have created our own brand Vlnka, which allows us to keep an even closer eye on the quality of our products.

2. Environmentally friendly manufacturing

For the manufacture of fluffy items, significantly less water is used than for polyester or even cotton clothing. With our customers and nature in mind, we are committed to produce locally as much as possible.

Conserving natural resources

As items made of sheep's wool are low-maintenance, water is saved not only in the manufacturing process but also because they do not need to be washed frequently. Wool is naturally self-cleaning and resistant to stains, so woollen products often do not require washing at all, putting them to air in the shade outside is sufficient.

Staying local

We aim to find all our suppliers in the Czech Republic first. Only when we cannot find what we are looking for locally, or when the local production does not meet our quality requirements, do we look for suppliers from neighbouring countries. As a result, we are proud to say that 98% of the products you order at Woolville are sourced from Europe.

3. Sustainable packaging

When you order from Woolville, you support our efforts to help the environment. For example, Vlnka brand beauty products are packaged in glass and recycled plastics. Also, the cardboard boxes our products are sent in have a label stating that the box was used before.

We recycle - over and over again

Larger orders are packed in cardboard boxes, used ones whenever possible. Other items are sent as standard in envelopes made from PCR plastic, a type of material which is 100 % post-consumer recycled plastic waste. This contributes to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions in the atmosphere during manufacture, making it more environmentally friendly due to a reduced need for fossil fuels. What is more, these envelopes can be recycled again and again. To put it simply, it is a type of packaging that has been given a second life.

We are aware that despite this fact, some customers always prefer having their order packed in a cardboard box. That is why in the basket, we offer an option of eco-friendly packaging, whereby we guarantee that no plastic will be used in the packaging process.

4. Product certification

Because the quality, origin and safety of our products are very important to us, we strive to acquire international certificates that confirm the quality of the goods we offer. Our existing certificates include the Woolmark quality certificate for the sheep’s wool used, the Oeko-tex certificate confirming our textile products are safe, and the Vipo certificate for the orthopaedic footwear. Read more about our certificates here.

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