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Hats made of functional materials

In Woolville we offer a very popular knitted hats with a Nordic pattern from the Czech brand KAMA and further from the traditional Czech brand Vlnka. The finest merino wool used will keep you in perfect warmth because, as is well known, the greatest heat loss is from head, so it's important to have the cap when temperatures drop to zero. You will appreciate a caps with visor during sport. Balaclavas to protect your neck and part of your face from the cold, caps for cross-country skiing and headbands for hiking. 

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Merino wool has great thermoregulatory properties, and creates so-called dry heat that ensures that even if you sweat, you will still feel comfortable, as the excess moisture absorbs and gradually releases it into the atmosphere. KAMA winter hats are simply great, even as a gift that is guaranteed to please.

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