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Sheep wool is one of the oldest textile materials along with silk from China and flax from Egypt. The sheep and the dog were the first friends of the man. Sheep was able to feed a man and warm him in cold winters.

Even today, traditional wool materials have a unique place in our wardrobes because of their unique properties that no artificial material has overcome.



Wool has a natural ability to remove moisture from the body into the environment. It can absorb water up to 35% of its own weight.

After the ambient humidity is reduced, the water will evaporate again into the air. The feeling of wet clothing comes much later than other materials.



When the wool absorbs moisture, it also creates heat. And despite the bad weather, you can feel a pleasant dry heat. Conversely, when the ambient temperature rises, the wool will stop creating heat. This is the active thermoregulation that the wool is capable of. Due to the high lanolin content, the wool is self-cleaning.

The wool fibers are stimulated to move in the air and begin to expand and contract dynamically. In combination with lanolin, the dirt comes to the surface itself




The wool fiber has a flaky structure and is mainly composed of keratin. For these reasons, wool prevents the proliferation of viruses and bacteria and is not suitable for their accumulation.

Woolen clothes will be especially enjoyed by allergy sufferers. Thanks to this unique feature, the clothes do not smell even with long wear.



Fluffy woolen products will bring your life to another level. Wool is a unique natural material that has not yet been overcome by any artificial material. In the winter months it will keep you warm on your body and in your soul.

During the summer you will be pleasantly cool and will not let you sweat. This material will reliably protect you from mites. At home, it will help you create a pleasant home atmosphere of a warm home. And their maintenance is so easy. We carefully select the best sheep wool products at Woolville to draw attention to its uniqueness and help the sheep's wool back to the limelight.