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Why sheep wool?

Woolen fiber is a small miracle of nature that can't be recreated with modern technology.

Sheep possess a naturally beautiful fleece of wool and our ancestors learned how to harvest it sparingly and utilize it for their needs. Today wool is an irreplaceable part of every home and it brings warmth and comfort to each person in the family.

Beneficial warmth of wool

The dry warmth that wool creates helps with muscle, joint and spine pain. Kidney belts and orthosis will warm your sore spots and help your body regenerate faster.

Keeps you warm even when you sweat or get wet

Wool protects sheep in any weather in the same way it protects and keeps us warm, even if it's wet. Wool removes excess moisture from the skin so you can feel dry.


Maintaining wool is easy

Thanks to the structure of woolen fiber and with natural lanolin protecting it at all times, bacteria and mites have a hard time reproducing. This makes wool suitable for children and allergy sufferers. It also means it's easier to maintain. Sheep wool products usually just need to be ventilated and shaken out.

It's sparing to nature

At Woolville we know very well that wool is a fluffy miracle of nature and a great helper in everyday life. We support natural materials and the majority of our goods are made from renewable wool.

Functional material

One of the main advantages of this natural material is its high thermal resistance allowing it to withhold heat. It is said that sheep wool keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It maintains an ideal temperature and protects from both heat and cold. Thanks to this, our woolen clothes are pleasantly warm all year round without unnecessary overheating, and wool is widely used even during the summer.

Countless uses

Many types of clothing for newborns, children and adults are made of wool. You can find wool in the form of homemade slippers, or as warm lining in winter boots. It fills blankets and pillows, makes seat cushions, childrens fleece jackets and bandages for sore joints and muscles.

The uses of wool are infinite and it is up to each of us to decide which form of this natural fiber we give a chance to make our day more pleasant.

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