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We are sorry you have found yourself in a situation that requires you to complain about a product. We shall do our best to make the whole complaint process as easy as possible for you and keep you informed.

Follow these four easy steps to make a complaint about your purchase.

  1. Log in to your account. Not registered? No problem, you can load your order using the order number.
  2. Select the products you want to return.
  3. Tell us what the problem is and choose the option you think will enable us to resolve the complaint to your satisfaction best.
  4. Forward the package to us. In case of returns, the shipping costs must be covered by you.

If you require assistance, give us a call on +420 226 258 800 or send us an email to info@woolville.com.

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Do I have to send the item back to Woolville?

No, you don’t. Just send us an email with photos and description of the problem to info@woolville.com. Please, include the order number the item you are complaining about comes from, the name of the person who placed the order and the method you would like the complaint be resolved. However, if the complaint cannot be settled with the help of photos, we shall ask you to send the item in question back to us.

How can I find out the stage my complaint is currently at?

Once we receive the item, we will send you a confirmation email. We have 30 days to resolve everything and inform you of the outcome of your complaint, though we always strive to deal with the matter as soon as possible.

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