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About us


“We offer traditional and natural products which care for the health of everyone,
so that you can enjoy the moments that really matter.”                      

-Martin Bernátek, founder of Woolville

Our history

Woolville was founded in 2009 when we would  transport the warmth of sheep's wool from Zlin to the traditional markets of surrounding towns. As our number of customers continued to grow, Woolville moved to the online world in 2011, enabling us to send fluffy goods to all corners of the country.

In 2013 we opened our first shop in Zlín.

VIn 2018, placing 3rd in the Heureka shop of the year contest showed us that we were heading in the right direction. This was confirmed when just a year later we won 1st place and acquired Heurekas  Best e-shop of the year award.

2020 was a year of growth and change for Woolville. We celebrated our successes, but made sure to improve our services further and continue expanding our range of products.

Our packages travel day by day to countless areas in many countries while we gradually reach our goal of covering the entirety of Europe in fluffy wool.

We want to wrap Europe in sheep's wool so that everyone can enjoy its beneficial properties.


Woolville offers a variety of traditional and natural products that care for the health of everyone, so that you can enjoy the moments that really matter.

We count on materials which are tested by nature daily. As a result they gain invaluable aspects cherished by our ancestors for generations. Sheep themselves are proof of how well wool works, because it protects and cares for them every day, especially in bad weather.

We believe that the advice of our grandmothers has a place in the modern world and we want to pass on their wisdom to future generations.


We appreciate what nature gives us. That's why we created Vlnka, a brand which brings the comfort and happiness of natural materials to everyone who loves stylish, quality products.

Vlnka was born out of our love for wool. At Woolville you'll find woolen clothing for infants and adults, many types of woolen slippers and warm winter shoes, as well as bedding, home accessories, or cosmetics with lanolin. Our focus is the warmth and comfort of natures materials, especially sheep.

We always pay attention to the quality of our woolen products and we care about every piece of wool that travels to the homes of our customers. A great number of our products are certified.
You can find out more at our Certificates page.

In Woolville you will also find products from other brands,
among them are, for example, these:

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