About us


Our company has been operating on the market since 2010 and is engaged in the sale of sheep wool products and natural cosmetics. All our products are subject to strict European Union standards for infants! Thus, all our goods is certified 

All our merino sheep wool products are certified with OEKO-TEX and Woolmark world certificates.

If you are interested in our goods, you can visit our stone shop or you can get more information on the number
tel + 420 774 774 661

Business premises (shop):
Masarykova 1106
Zlín 76320

Opening hours:
Mon - Fri from 9am to 5pm
Saturday from 9.00 to 11.00

The shop is wheelchair accessible and can be reached by trolleybuses number 2 or 6


Why sheep wool?

Sheep wool products have excellent thermoregulatory and hydro-regulating capability - a so-called Dry Heat feature 

Thanks to the constant temperature and humidity, they are also suitable for asthmatics, dry heat protects against mites, thanks to the heating capacity, the products reduce pain and, on the contrary, increase the mobility of the joints, muscles and tendons, thanks to which they are appreciated especially by the rheumatism.

If you recognize the pathogenic and geopathic zones, the sheep's wool is right for you! Sheep bedding (cheaper than the Coconut mattress) can break out all the negative zones and thus reduce the risk of cancer and other illnesses associated with this issue. Our business perceives this science in a neutral way, based primarily on the true experience of our customers.

We offer

We offer high quality Czech and world clothing and accessories from sheep wool merino. We offer socks, woolen slippers, vests and merino sheep wool beddings from the traditional Czech brand Vlnka.

Kama is also a Czech manufacturer focused on Woolen caps, Blankets and Norwegian merino Sweaters.

Ortovox is a popular brand woldwide , especially among top athletes. Functional outfit Ortovox in our offer is designed for winter extreme outdoor sports.