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Healthy sleep and rest with Merino in the summer

Healthy sleep and rest with Merino in the summer

Sheep Wool merino in the summer?

  • We are definitely saying yes! Merino sheep wool is a natural material that is ideal for a peaceful, healthy and full-fledged sleep not only in the winter, but also in the summer. Merino wool is a pure natural material that can naturally offer two very important abilities, which is thermoregulation and moisture removal (sweat).

  • Thanks to thermoregulation, merino bedding can be used in the winter when it can warm up the body and in the summer provide a feeling of coolness.

  • Merino wool, as well as in top sports athlete's clothing, can even drain in bedding at higher temperatures - evaporating the human sweat from the body and filtering through the material freely into the air.


Healthy sleep and rest with Merino in the summer

Sheep Classics for a Good Night

  • The lightweight, breathable and functional features are among the greatest benefits of summer quilted blankets. Blankets maximally adapt to body temperature, so we can simply avoid the feeling of heat and sweating.

  • Merino bedding naturally produces dry heat, which means it has a beneficial effect on rheumatism, kidney and urinary tract. Surface material is made of cotton cloth with stitching into squares. It is guaranteed, therefore, that the blanket will be exactly the same for many years without changing its shape. The anti-allergenic blanket for the summer is 1kg and is available from the classic size of 135x200, 135x220 and 200x220.

  • Summer blankets can also be bought in a set with a Merino    The traditional Czech brand Vlnka also manufactures blankets with a higher weight of sheep's wool and a fine cotton cloth on the surface.



Wool, natural and fully functional

  • We are talking about merino sheep wool, highly gentle and especially functional. It is a material obtained by shearing young Australian sheep, where the sheep's wool is the finest and achieves the highest possible quality. It is from this material that single-sided full blankets designed especially for summer are produced.

  • For those of you who are looking for lightness, gentleness and above standard for peaceful sleep, we recommend simple and at the same time very luxurious 1ply blankets. Natural material suits both adults and small children, as it has great antibacterial and thermoregulatory properties.

  • We all know that little children are fond of cute and kind designs. Therefore, the blankets are produced in two variants. Blanket 1ply with the lamb pattern with a new design is made for kids.

  • Do you prefer more simplicity and decentness? In that case you will find a suitable 1ply soft cream blanket.


Healthy sleep and rest with Merino in the summer
Healthy sleep and rest with Merino in the summer

Comfort for a home and for outdoors

  • A very interesting and especially practical option is the blankets, which are suitable both for relaxing at the TV and as a rescue in cold evenings with barbecues with friends.

  • Knitted blankets also made from sheep wool Merino are special thanks to used materials in production. In cold climates they provide maximum thermoregulation. On the contrary, in the summer, the knitted merino blankets maximally adapt when merino produces a slight coolness, so the human body can not.

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