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What are the benefits of socks made from natural materials?

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Sheep's merino wool is antibacterial and warm

Merino sheep wool is obtained by shearing young sheep in a stage where the sheep wool is the finest and at the same time achieves the highest possible quality. Thanks to the natural properties of merino, such as thermoregulation, softness and isolation, socks are also suitable for allergy sufferers. Merino wool evaporates all humidity into the air in case of sudden sweating, demanding performance or dampness. On the contrary, in the cold winter climate it also stays perfectly warm.

Universal merino socks and knee socks for everyone

For day-to-day, casual wear, these sheep socks with a hem, which are in an economical package of 3 pairs, are ideal. These socks are shaped to fit for the elderly, with special socks being adequately suited and a loose enough hem. Thanks to a looser knit trim, they are also suitable for diabetics and people with problematic blood circulation. Of course, it can also be used for walking. 3 sheep knee socks are made in almost the same form as socks. Therefore, they are also suitable for everyone. Knee socks are also suitable for winter skiing, ice skating, hiking.

Another popular style of socks at Woolville are our Siberian merino socks. They are beautifully warm and are very comfortable. Do you see the hot fireplace in the mountain hut where you enjoy yourself with a glass of wine? In that moment you will need Siberian merino socks :-)

Merino socks for athletes

The advantage of sport socks merino 2pcs is the perfect sophistication of the most stressed footpoints in challenging sports activities. For this reason, the socks have reinforced heel and toe to ensure maximum comfort and enjoyment when walking or running. With increased physical exertion, sheep wool merino wicks moisture and sweat into the air. Suitable for year-round sports.

For sport, as well as everyday wear, our favorite summer merino socks are the best choice. Pleasantly soft and thin merino wool socks are also available in an ankle cut. If you like running or looking for socks that you can wear every day, wherever you go, these merino socks will be the best you can buy.

Merino socks For work

Anyone who works daily in demanding terrain knows that comfort is the most important. Working socks merino 2 pcs are specially made for year-round use. The material layout is designed so that socks can be firmly adhered to the foot while retaining the original elasticity and shape. Work socks are gentle, they guarantee high breathability, thermoregulation and sweat evaporation.

Do you like fishing, going to the forest or are you a hunter? So we have to recommend you our merino wool hunting socks at Woolville. High quality merino wool keeps your feet warm even in difficult conditions. Quality workmanship and reinforcement of heel and toe areas ensure good resistance of these socks. Their green color will fit perfectly with your clothes for these activities, and you will feel much better where you prefer - in nature, thanks to comfort and warmth.

Do you hate to change your shoes at home?

Do yours feet get cold at home? How about elastic merino socks that fit beautifully on the feet thanks to elastic material and are made completely from warm merino wool. Elastic merino socks are pleasant, warm, but above all indispensable helper. You will also love elastic merino knee socks. They are really a piece of softness and warmth up to your knees. We at Woolville have liked them very much and some of us even sleep in them :-)

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