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Do you also suffer a disturbed sleep in summer due to night sweats? That could change ...

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Have you ever experienced the feeling of waking up in the morning after a sleepless night, completely exhausted, numb with cold or drenched in sweat? What was your day like after such a night? Are we right to guess that it wasn’t great even after downing three coffees? In order to have enough energy to cope with work and everything life brings, it is important for us to create an environment that will provide a healthy sleep and rest.


Did you know that in a lifetime, a person sleeps an average of 220,095 hours, which is 9,170 days?

It means we spent almost a third of our lives sleeping, and that certainly is quite a chunk of our lives. Sleep is one of the few things that is with all our lives, literally every day. Because of that, we should pay more attention to it and give our bodies the peace and care they need. Sleep allows us to relax both physically and mentally. It is important to follow a regular sleep routine, which means we should go to sleep and get up around the same time every day, not only during the week but also at weekends. For adults, 6 to 9 hours of sleep per night are recommended.

If you want to improve your sleep, you should keep the room temperature around 18-20°C and close the curtains and blinds to make sure the room is dark. Don’t forget to turn off all electronic devices, as the blue light they emit can be harmful. If you stare at a screen before sleeping, it will actually take you longer to fall asleep and the quality of your sleep will be worse as well. That’s why it is advisable to completely avoid using electronic devices before going to bed.

To fall asleep faster, try to do without your regular daily nap. In this way, you will go to sleep feeling tired just enough in the evening. And to make the whole process of falling asleep better still, use good quality bedding, such as quilts, blankets and pillows made of sheep's wool.


◉The best thing about sheep’s wool is its ability to control temperature. It keeps us nice and warm yet protects us from overheating. In essence, wool helps us maintain a constant body temperature, both on cold and hot days. You will find wool bedding especially useful when there is a baby in the house, as tiny bodies cannot yet keep their temperature stable and are therefore prone to overheating or getting cold too quickly. For our youngest customers, we have a baby blanket made of 100 % Merino wool, for older children, you can try a wool bedding set specially designed for them.

◉Thanks to sheep’s wool bedding, night sweats will become a thing of the past. Merino wool absorbs excess moisture and wicks it away, which is a quality you will particularly appreciate in the summer months.

◉Wool blankets and quilts will also be highly valued if you suffer from allergies, asthma, or if there are small children in the family. This is mainly because wool doesn’t harbour dust mites, bacteria or dust. Do you know why? The surface of a wool fibre is covered with microscopic scales that prevent these uninvited guests from penetrating inside. Nature simply knows what it is doing.

◉Woollen quilts are also easy to care for, you don't even have to wash them, because sheep's wool contains lanolin that protects sheep from getting wet. So, quilts and blankets made of wool just need to be shaken out regularly and aired outside, no water is necessary.

◉ Most of our quilts and blankets are manufactured in the Czech Republic under the Vlnka brand, which means that by purchasing them, you are supporting local producers.

◉Purchasing wool bedding is a long-term, one-time investment. Our quilts and blankets can last for many years.

◉ When you buy a wool blanket or quilt, you are not only investing into a high quality product, you are also investing in your health.



If you like blankets, we have great news for you. In our shop, you can choose from several different types and several colours. We have single-layer blankets in which you can snuggle up in front of the TV, as well as cover yourself with instead of a quilt at night. The blankets are available in three sizes and four colour designs: one with a sheep pattern (also available in children’s size) from CZK 799, and in cream, natural and brown, from CZK 1,399. They are wonderful to use in summer and autumn. During cold winters, we recommend a double-layer version.


In the living room, you can try a wool TV blanket which is perfect for wrapping yourself in from head to toe. But should you prefer some understated elegance with high-performance properties, have a look at our wool throws made of Scandinavian wool, which make for a lovely and warm accessory in the living room.


However, if you would rather have a quilt for sleeping, you can choose from several different sizes and versions too. There is a children's quilt (95x135 cm), a single quilt (135x200 cm) and for those who prefer to share, we also have a double quilt (220x200 cm). And that's not all, these quilts are available in summer, winter and all-seasons versions. Plus, we have two separate product lines, Classic and Premium. The Premium quilts have a high-quality cover made of cotton and shearling Merino wool.


Last year I bought a summer quilt and I cannot complain. It was over thirty degrees outside in the day and I still slept like a baby, even when I was covered up to my neck. I felt comfy and dry, no sweating. This year, I have bought one for my daughter and she loves it too. And when I mentioned it at work, my colleague said she wanted one too. A great shop, I already have a few things from them besides the quilt."
Ladík, April 2, 2020

"We have had quilts made of sheep’s wool at home for thirty years. Our last buy was the extra-long version. They are warm in winter and really nice on the skin in summer. I just swear by them."
Katka, October 1, 2020

"We have a wool blanket and I can't imagine not having it. It’s great for relaxing, when you are tired, when you suffer from aches and pains or when you are ill.


You can also complement your quilt with a pillow made of high-quality wool. We have many types of pillows on offer, from traditional ones to anatomically shaped ones that allow you to have a painless sleep even when you lie on your back or side. If you need support for your neck, for example when watching  TV or when travelling, you can try our travel pillow or bolster cushion. And our little customers won’t leave empty-handed either. For them, we have a cute sheep cushion that turns into a toy when folded. Children love it and often take it with them to kindergarten, on trips, or when they go to visit their grandparents.


If you are thinking of buying a blanket or a quilt, take a look at our bedding sets, which we offer at special prices. You can choose from single bed sets as well as from double bed sets.


Did you know that you can also buy a mattress topper made of sheep's wool? Keeping your body at the right temperature from below is very important, so there are mattress toppers in our shop too. You can choose from a classic style or one lined with cotton, in a brown, beige or natural colour. Choose a size corresponding to your bed. And because we know how important it is to keep a baby's temperature stable, we also have a topper for babies.


"All my life, I was used to sleeping on my stomach. Since my nervous system began and I suffered moto neuron (these make sure you can move your arms or legs) damage, I have been forced to sleep on my back. Thanks to your special shaped pillow, the pain in my neck has gone and I have been sleeping really well again." 
Radek, February 26, 2021

"I bought a Merino wool mattress topper, and not only did it come at lightning speed, it’s great to sleep on. It keeps you lovely and warm from below, it is soft, does not itch, and the beige colour looks lovely. Also, it harmonizes geo-pathogenic zones. I will definitely get a quilt too, as I already have a pillow and I am very happy with it." 
Monika February 13, 2021


We have a special category for babies where we offer products that are not only functional and practical, but also stylish. You can choose from various designs, such as sheep, owl or polka dot patterns, as well as designs in plain colours. And what do we actually have? There is a nursing pillow and 2in1 baby nest, a swaddle blanket, wool blankets, footmuffs, hand muffs, a sleeping bag for newborns and lots more. See for yourself.


“Your shop is great, orders are processed quickly and accurately. Your baby blanket has been a complete hit in our family. Our little boy was born premature, so he had a problem with keeping his temperature. He loves being wrapped in his woolly blanket as it warms him up pretty quickly which means he is really happy. What is more, when other mums see the blanket in our pushchair, they really like it too. It has simply become a necessity in our life. Thank you." 
Martina, March 23, 2020

We hope our bedding made of sheep’s wool has captured your interest and that you will find use for it in your home too.

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