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What is lanolin and what are its benefits?

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it has soothing effects on the skin and naturally prevents the growth of bacteria. It acts as a moisture barrier on the skin and keeps the wool in good condition.

used as a base for ointments and creams, as a lubricant, and to preserve excellent condition of the skin. It is also a component of some varnishes and paints. Lanolin is made from a mixture of cholesterol and esters of several fatty acids. It forms an emulsion with water.

Lanolin is a special detergent that protects your laundry made of natural wool, natural hair, knitwear, delicate fabrics, bedding, blankets, curtains or warm rheumatic aids and more.

This detergent, thanks to the lanolin content, cleanses gently and thoroughly, does not change the shape or color of your laundry, and also disinfects and lightens the laundry. Lanolin is a gentle PH value for your skin that protects your hands and your fabrics.

Lanolin does not contain phosphates and is environmentally friendly. Bottle content 1 liter.

Instructions for use: Soak up the laundry with the detergent and leave it for 10-30 minutes. (depends on dirtiness), then rinse with water at max. 30 °C

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