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"Trepky" cork slippers and their production

16.04.20 9461x read


We named our new stylish cork slippers after the local Moravian word for light house shoes "Trepky".

They are simple shoes with which will not limit you as you move around your home, but you can also go virtually anywhere, for example into the city. They support healthy walking and, thanks to the orthopedic insole, they are suitable footwear for prevention against foot problems as well as for people with flat feet.

They are part of our line of medical footwear, which we are constantly expanding for you at Woolville.

We paid special attention to their appearance and especially their quality, and now we will let you take a look behind the curtain of production, which we revealed for you directly from the Svit industrial district in Zlín and the Baťa factories, which have served us for well over 50 years.

They are made of natural materials, including leather and cork.

Cork is a material obtained from the bark of two trees, the cork oak and the Amur Cork tree. Cork has a variety of uses. Thanks to its excellent thermal insulation, it withstands relatively high temperatures, and also is flexible and light. In addition to shoe components, it is used, for example, in the production of wine corks. And at heights of more than 80% of world production. It is also used to produce various floor coverings.

Thanks to its flexibility, you will be able to walk effortlessly and pleasantly all day in our cork-leather slippers.

The orthopedic insole is covered with soft leather, which is breathable and has the ability to absorb sweat. This material is also used as the instep strap, which we have sewn to make it even more durable and of better quality. Few people likely have such a sewing machine at home. :)

Since the slippers have women's and men's versions with sizes ranging from 36 to 48, it is necessary to have all components ready for each size individually.

We prepare the pieces of the leather, which we have selected for you in several color variants, and then use a high-quality glue to attach them to the cork insole.

Everything must be well aligned and smoothed out so that you can walk comfortably in our Trepky. The last step is the durable sole, for which a special machine and precisely prepared shoe molds are used, which simulate the natural shape of a foot.

Their production takes place in several stages, which have various levels of complexity. You will certainly recognize the difference in footwear that is created in factory assembly lines, and the ones we create manually, with the help of skilled hands and several older, but still high-quality machines. Which do you think will be better?

These cork slippers will become a great companion. After reading this whole article, we cannot guarantee that you will become an expert in the production of cork slippers, but we believe that you will have the impression that we are trying to sell quality natural products and you will be more familiar with what you are ordering. :)


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