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Products from sheep wool - Woolville.com
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Sheep’s wool

A natural material most of our products are made from. The main benefits of sheep’s wool are its ability to adapt to body temperature and the fact that it doesn’t harbour bacteria and dust mites. This makes wool especially suitable for allergy sufferers. In addition, wool wicks moisture away from the body and eliminates odours, which means it keeps you warm even when you sweat or get a bit wet.

Merino wool

Merino wool is a very soft type of wool, softer than standard sheep’s wool. It is obtained from a special breed of sheep called Merino. The qualities that make it our favourite material are the same as those of ordinary sheep’s wool.

Dry heat

Dry heat is generated when a dry compress is applied onto skin. And sheep’s wool is a material perfect for just that. It warms up the painful area really well, thus relieving any aches and pains. Dry heat therapy is most commonly used for back pain, period pain, migraines and abdominal pain.


The quality of the leather depends on the age of the animal it comes from. Leather from young animals is thinner compared to leather from older animals which tends to be thicker. Another factor is the part of the animal’s body the particular piece of leather comes from. Chemically and mechanically processed leather is also called hide.


A soft and smooth natural material that is strong and pliable. Cotton is breathable and absorbs sweat well. The quality of cotton depends on the strength and length of the fibres used in the production. 

Organic cotton

Organic cotton is more environmentally friendly than standard cotton. During cultivation, the soil is fertilised with manure and the fields used for growing cotton are rotated to maintain soil productivity.


Fleece is made by brushing polyamide or polyester fibres. This process makes fleece a soft, warm and water-resistant material. The advantage of fleece garments is that they are not only hardwearing but also lightweight.

Bamboo fibre

Products made from bamboo fibre, which is also a natural material, feel really pleasant on the skin. Like wool, bamboo fibre doesn’t harbour dust mites, which makes it a suitable material for allergy sufferers. In summer, it keeps you pleasantly cool, while in winter, it makes you feel nice and warm.


Hemp processed into textile fibre has similar properties as linen though it is slightly coarser and stiffer. In addition, hemp is both antibacterial and antifungal. Like other natural materials, it is great at temperature control.


Unlike other materials, felt is not made by weaving but by rolling or matting wet fibres. Felt is usually made from 100% polyester, Merino wool or a wool blend.


Cork is a material harvested from the cork oak. Cork products are extremely light and durable. At Woolville, we use this material mostly for our cork sliders. This type of footwear is suitable for longer walks as well as for wearing at work. Cork absorbs impact shock experienced when walking, thus providing comfortable support for the arches and ankles.


Cashmere is an extremely soft kind of wool, thinner than sheep’s wool but much warmer. The quality of cashmere is based on where the cashmere goat, from which the cashmere fibre is obtained, lives.


Rubber is a highly flexible material that can be made from rubber latex or by synthetic means. Natural rubber is obtained by cutting the bark of the Brazilian rubber tree. It is then coagulated, for example using formic acid, or washed with water and dried over a fire.


The special short fibre finish makes this material very soft and lustrous. Velour is most often made of cotton, wool or silk. Because of its sumptuous appearance, it was known as a material used for making clothes for the royalty.


A natural material created by thinning and splitting leather, which is then brushed or buffed. Suede is a very thin and delicate material used to make shirts, dresses, jackets, handbags and shoes.  


The structure of hollowfibre means that this material retains heat and doesn’t crumple. Hollowfibre products are very light and breathable, which is why you will most often find it in quilts and pillows.

Camel wool

The properties of camel wool are similar to sheep’s wool. It is good at temperature control, it is breathable, it wicks moisture away from the body and it is also a bit lighter than sheep’s wool. Camel wool is used to make bedding, slippers and clothing, for example for the space and maritime industries. 


At Woolville, we sell products made of certified wood which guarantees that the wood comes from sustainably managed forests. Wood is a long-lasting material, often used for kitchen utensils. A wooden chopping board protects the work surfaces when using a knife, a wooden spoon doesn’t scratch the finish on a non-stick pan, and so on.

Faux leather

This material is a realistic imitation of natural leather, it is environmentally-friendly and breathable. It is also easy to care for and the material is highly durable and has good abrasion resistance.  


Each piece of sheepskin is an original. During processing, the wool is not bleached which means that each product is a slightly different shade.

Memory foam

A type of soft visco-elastic material mainly used for pillows and mattresses. It is popular for its properties, such as its ability to change shape and mould to the contours of the body. It is also antibacterial and reduces the risk of dust mites.

Loose top

Socks with a loose top do not restrict blood flow and are very comfortable. They are especially appreciated by people who have problems with circulation in the legs.

Shaped insole

A shaped insole follows the natural contour of the foot thus providing support for the arches and promoting correct posture. An insole should be strong and durable yet pleasant to step on.


A bunion is a deformity of the base joint of the big toe, often caused by badly fitting shoes. It is easily noticed when the big toe bends into an unnatural position. It is important to choose footwear that provides enough space for the toes so they aren’t pushed together.


Lanolin is a substance secreted by the sebaceous glands of sheep. It is often processed into an excellent cleaning and washing detergent. Because it is greasy, it is also widely used good in cosmetics, its properties resembling petroleum jelly. 

Breathable textile

Textile fabric made of breathable fibres of natural or synthetic origin. Breathable textile is a hardwearing material, often used in combination with other materials such as leather or leatherette.

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