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A great base layer

Suitable for sports and casual wear

Wicks moisture away from the skin

Soft and gentle on the skin

Women's Performance 200 OASIS ICEBREAKER Merino Top - Black

Code: 2-0053-CERNA

Performance Icebreaker clothing is great as a baselayer for everyday wear in winter, although you will find it perfect to use from spring to autumn too, especially when going hiking, cycling, climbing or running.

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A great base layer

Suitable for sports and casual wear

Wicks moisture away from the skin

Soft and gentle on the skin

Description and specifications Maintenance Review

Product description

Icebreaker performance clothing is great as a baselayer for everyday wear in winter, although you will find it perfect to use from spring to autumn too, especially when going hiking, cycling, climbing or running. Merino wool is a lightweight, natural material that absorbs moisture and wicks it away from the skin to the surface where it evaporates. This means that Merino wool is great at temperature control, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer, even if it gets damp. In addition, it provides protection against UV rays. Merino wool is obtained in Australia and New Zealand, where sheep are raised on pasture and produce premium quality wool.

Icebreaker performance clothing is very easy to care for. Merino wool is antibacterial and doesn’t smell even when worn for quite a long time. Icebreaker performance clothing need not be washed very often, but when it does, pop it in a washing machine, preferably on the wool setting at a maximum temperature of 30°C and low spin cycle. Never use fabric softeners or bleaching agents. Do not dry Icebreaker clothing in a tumble dryer, let it dry naturally on a washing line or on a clothes horse.

Material: 100 % Merino wool
Weight: 200 g/m²

How to care for the product

Items made of sheep’s wool are very easy to care for. Because wool is self-cleaning, clothing made of wool need not be washed as often as other materials and can therefore be worn for longer periods without requiring a wash. This is a great advantage, for example, with thermal underwear or socks, as you can wear them for several days in a row, let’s say, on a trip outdoors where there is no way to wash them. Generally, you just need to let the clothes dry and leave them in fresh air for a while. 

You can wash woollen clothing in the washing machine on a setting designated for wool and other delicate materials. It is important to set the temperature to no more than 30°C and the spin cycle to low. Always use only detergents specifically designed for wool and do not use fabric softener. 

When washing by hand, keep the water temperature constant and do not wring the clothes, just gently squeeze the water out. Allow to air-dry, preferably on a flat surface. Never dry wool on a radiator, and avoid direct sunlight. Do not use a tumble dryer.


Category Women
Colour Black
Temperature properties Freezing weather
Season All seasons
Activity Sport
Brand Icebreaker
Material Sheep's wool

Benefits of sheep wool

Maintains a constant temperature

Removes moisture

Natural material

Easy maintenance

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Size chart

Icebreaker thermal underwear

Men shirts Icebreaker

Size (CM / INCHES) Neck circumference  Chest  SLEEVE LENGTH  
S 34-36 / 13,4-14,2 83-91 / 32,7-35,8 86,5-87 / 34,1-34,3
M 36-38 / 14,2-15 91-99 / 35,8-39 87-87,5 / 34,3-34,4
L 38-41 / 15-16,1 99-107 / 39-42,1 87,5-88 / 34,4-34,6
XL 41-43 / 16,1-16,9 107-115 / 42,1-45,3 88-89 / 34,6-35
XXL 43-46 / 16,9-18,1 115-123 / 45,3-48,4 89-90 / 35-35,4

Men pants Icebreaker

Size (CM / INCHES) Waist Hips 
S 71-78 / 28-30,7 88-94 / 34,6-37
M 78-85 / 30,7-33,5 94-100 / 37-39,4
L 85-92 / 33,5-36,2 100-107 / 39,4-42,1
XL 92-99 / 36,2-39 107-113 / 42,1-44,5
XXL 99-106 / 39-41,7 113-120 / 44,5-47,2

Women shirts Icebreaker

Size (CM / INCHES) Chest Length of sleeves  Waist      Hips
XS 76-82 / 29,9-32,3 77-77,5 / 30,3-30,5 58-64 / 22,8-25,2 84-90 / 33,1-35,4
S 82-88 / 32,3-34,6 77,5-78 / 30,5-30,7 64-70 / 25,2-27,6 90-96 / 35,4-37,8
M 88-94 / 34,6-37 78-78,5 / 30,7-30,9 70-76 / 27,6-29,9 96-102 / 37,8-40,2
L 94-100 / 37-39,4 78,5-79 / 30,9-31,1 76-82 / 29,9-32,3 102-107 / 40,2-42,1
XL 100-107 / 39,4-42,1 79-79,5 / 31,1-31,3 82-89 / 32,3-35 107-113 / 42,1-44,5

Women pants Icebreaker

Size (CM / INCHES) Waist Hips
XS 58-64 / 22,8-25,2 84-90 / 33,1-35,4
S 64-70 / 25,2-27,6 90-96 / 35,4-37,8
M 70-76 / 27,6-29,9 96-102 / 37,8-40,2
L 76-82 / 29,9-32,3 102-107 / 40,2-42,1
XL 82-89 / 32,3-35 107-113 / 42,1-44,5


How to measure?

Clothing for children and adults

Our sheep wool vests are straight cut, so they are the same width all the way round. We therefore recommend that you measure at the widest point of your torso, and choose a vest at least a few centimetres larger to accommodate another layer of clothing underneath.

Merino wool sweaters are made from a wool knit, so they are stretchy and conform to your body shape. For children's patterns, you just need to know your torso height, but for adult sweaters chest circumference is also important. Use this information to choose the ideal size quickly and easily.

We recommend that you choose thermal underwear that is more fitted to the body. Sizes may vary between manufacturers, so please check the size charts before purchasing.

If the clothes you buy do not fit, we will be happy to exchange the size for free.

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