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Easily relieve back and joint pain

Easily relieve back and joint pain

Do you know the acute back pain that comes suddenly, limits your activities and is not easy to get rid of? Plus it comes repeatedly and unexpectedly. Or is your back not bothering you, but knee pain is what forces you to postpone physical activities to another time? And if you decide to just suffer through this pain this time, you will eventually receive a double dose of pain. 

You may not even be aware that back pain can be related to poor pelvic position and joint pain, such as the knees or even the elbows. For example, if you suffer from knee pain and put less weight on your leg, the pelvic position may be misaligned, which usually causes unpleasant back pain. Or cervical spine problems can cause severe shoulder or elbow pain. Dr. Josef Jodl states: "The most common problems with back pain are in the area of the cervical and lumbar spine, joint structures in the pelvic bones, neck, hip, knee, shoulder or tennis elbows." The connection between the joints and the spine is significant and that is why we have brought these two topics together.

Dr. Lachmann says, "It's important to include regular preventative exercise in your daily routine." Here are some exercises to help you with back and joint pain.

Easily relieve back and joint pain


Lie on your stomach, place your hands under your shoulders and, by stretching your arms, push the upper half of your body up a far as you can, choosing your position according to your level of comfort. It is important that during this exercise, your pelvis, hips and legs are completely relaxed and that you breathe naturally at all times. Allow the lower back to drop to achieve a full stretch. Hold in this position for one or two seconds, then return to the original position. Each time you repeat this movement, try to raise your chest a little higher until your arms are fully extended on order to fully extend and stretch your spine.

Video: Spine stretch

If you experience sharp or sudden back pain during the exercise, lower your position to a comfortable stretch, however if any discomfort persists after exercise, stop exercising immediately and consult a physiotherapist.

A quick solution for back pain is to apply dry heat to the lumbar spine. As a source of dry heat, we recommend a sheep wool warming belt, which you can attach with adjustable velcro and, thanks to its elasticity, it won't prevent you from moving and continuing various activities.


Sit upright, place your right hand over the top of your head and place it over your left ear then tilt your head slowly to the right. Gently push your head into your hand for 5 seconds. Inhale and exhale, and gently stretch your neck towards your right shoulder. Repeat 2-3 times and then repeat on the other side. During the exercise, try to keep your head directly above your shoulder (not bent forward or back), do not push down with your hand excessively and do not hold your breath. It is ideal to do this exercise on a straight sturdy chair and with your other hand relaxed and placed under the thigh.

Video: Cervical Spine Stretch

More advanced exercisers can use a mat instead of a chair to stretch, where you can relax perfectly, and you can also use our wool bolster pillow as a roller, which can help to prevent problems with the cervical spine.


Easily relieve back and joint pain
Easily relieve back and joint pain


Lie on your stomach, turn your head and lie on one ear then bend your leg at the knee on the same side you are facing. Grasp your foot with the hand from the same side and try to keep the pelvis straight and pressed to the mat. During this stretch, try to push the foot into the hand and exhale to pull the foot to the buttocks, Repeat this pushing and pulling several times.

Video: Knee Stretch


Knee pain can also be associated with flat feet. In our previous article, we showed some foot exercises. In addition, we have recommend quality orthopedic shoes and supplementary orthopedic insoles that support the correct shape of the foot arch.

A simple solution for back and joint problems are dry warm compresses, which you will find at Woolville in the form of wool belts and elastic orthoses, among which you will find braces for the neck, shoulder, knee, elbow, hip or wrist. Our elastic wool socks are ideal for problems with ankles and elastic wool compression socks assist in problems with calves and varicose veins.

Easily relieve back and joint pain

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