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Women's felt slippers "Mouse"

Code: 15-00012

At first glance beautiful, luxurious slippers, lined with fine sheep wool, which will guarantee warmth for your feet even during the coldest days and evenings. The surface is from smooth, durable leather in a natural brown color. Thanks to the elegant shape of the women's slippers on a wedge, they are also suitable as a change of shoes for a work place, too. Under the heel, the shoes are slightly raised, which helps prevent swelling of the feet. Sheep wool finds application not only in winter due to its thermoregulatory ability. It acts as insulation from the ambient temperature - in winter it does not let you get cold, and in summer it will not let you over-heat. These slippers are suitable for year-round wear, thanks to the anti-allergenic and antibacterial properties of wool, it is possible to wear them barefoot, and there will be no unpleasant odor. Material: Inside: 100% Merino sheep wool Upper: cowhide You will certainly appreciate that the slippers are made by the Czech brand Vlnka. This company has a long tradition and has obtained certificates of high quality of materials used and their processing.

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Description and specifications Review

Product description

Women's luxurious felt slippers "Kitty"are simple home shoes that everyone will appreciate. Felt is rolled sheep wool, which has amazing natural properties and is very comfortable. The wool absorbs moisture, which then evaporates, so if your feet sweat, felt is the right material for you. Felt is also pleasantly warm, so you no longer have to worry about cold feet. Slippers are also a suitable gift or slippers for guests, whom you will surely please with these slippers, their feet will be warm and they will definitely be happy to visit you again. The slippers have a raised sole for a soft and comfortable tread and are adapted against slipping. You will fall in love with these slippers either because of their pattern or thanks to the natural material that will keep your feet warm and will gently cool in the summer months.

Upper part:
100% wool felt
Sole: Rubber


Category Women
Season Summer, Winter
Fastening Without zipper
Sole type For home use
Manufacturer Vlnka
Material Felt

Vlnka brand

Because we value what nature gives us, the Vlnka brand was established in Zlín. It brings the joy and comfort of natural materials to all those who want quality, stylish products. Vlnka offers clothes, shoes, bedding and other accessories for the whole family, from babies to grandparents.

Benefits of sheep wool

Maintains a constant temperature

Removes moisture

Natural material

Easy maintenance

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49 31,5 - 32  12,40 - 12,59
50 32 - 32,5 12,59 - 12,79

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