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Natural socks for spring and summer

Natural socks for spring and summer

Why wear natural socks in the summer ?

  • The reason is very simple. In summer, the feet are sweating much more than in the winter, and therefore, as an ideal choice, we choose socks made of natural materials that absorb body sweat simply and quickly.

  • Artificial and synthetic materials are not able to provide natural functions such as sweat drainage, thermoregulation and odor filtering.

  • Merino and bamboo natural sheep wool are highly functional natural materials, which are used today with state-of-the-art technology to produce special socks for sports, work and everyday wear.



Natural socks for spring and summer

Lightness and softness for hiking

  • Simple, soft and light socks are made of bamboo fiber. Such socks have the ultimate deodorizing, thermoregulatory and antibacterial properties. Bamboo in textiles suppresses the growth of bacteria and other microbes. We also strongly recommend this linen for people with fungal and foot nail discomfort.

  • Socks are made classic and ankle , so they really choose everybody. Even when wearing bamboo socks for longer times, the smells are neutralized.

Functionality and comfort to work

  • High quality work socks at a favorable price are not easy to find these day. Everyone who works in demanding terrain is looking for comfort, quality and comfort.

  • Avoid synthetic socks, they do not provide moisture removal or thermoregulation.

  • Work merino socks produced by the Czech brand Vlnka are made of natural material. These are special socks of merino suitable for summer. Sheep wool merino is thermoregulatory, antibacterial and hypoallergenic. With increased physical exertion, working socks absorb moisture and sweat out into the air. The material layout is designed to allow the working socks to adhere firmly to the foot while retaining their original elasticity and shape.



Natural socks for spring and summer
Natural socks for spring and summer

Maximum moisture drainage when sporting

  • When choosing the right outdoor socks do not forget to look at the thickness and overall structure of the sock. It is important that the socks have at least a reinforced heel area and tip. Socks with the right distribution of materials are very comfortable to avoid swelling and pain in the most stressed areas of the feet. Very popular are sports socks from merino wool.

  • These natural socks are gentle on human skin. The material imparts its natural properties, such as thermoregulation, warmth and coolness. At maximum physical activity, the merino wool automatically evaporates moisture and therefore the feet almost do not sweat. If you are among the lovers of hiking, cycling and other sports, focus on natural merino.



A fast and reliable assistant for pains

  • The summer is coming and the associated sports activities are coming. Every correct athlete should know the slivovitz ointment, which has excellent effects on the relaxation of the musculoskeletal system. Massage by Slivovice's ointment is a great helper for problems with back pain, tendons, muscles and local swelling.

  • Slivovitz Ointment supplemented by the effect of horse chestnut, horseradish and seven secret herbs is a real pleasure for a tired body. It quickly induces intense refreshment and blood circulation, increasing the action of active substances and speeding up regeneration.

Natural socks for spring and summer

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