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Wool Blanket Camel 1ply

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Merino blanket Camel has the highest possible quality among sheep blankets. It is exceptional in terms of composition, as 90% of merino wool + 10% Camel wool

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Product description

Merino blanket Camel has the highest possible quality among sheep blankets. It is exceptional in terms of composition, as 90% of merino wool + 10% Camel wool is used, thanks to which the extra-soft blankets are giving a feeling of superiority to human sleep. The blanket is offered in brown color. Two-sided blanket is suitable for all-year use. The advantage is that sheep wool warms up in the winter and cools in the summer. All quilts in our offer are made from sheep wool merino. It is a material obtained by shearing young Australian sheep, where the sheep's wool is the finest and achieves the highest possible quality.

You do not have to worry about the unpleasant feeling, the sheep's merino in the camel wool connection does not bite or irritate the human skin. The advantage of this material is the thermoregulatory property, which means the ability to regulate the optimum body temperature and at the same time it can evaporate any excess humidity into the air. For healthy sleep, we highly recommend sheep cots that reduce tension, pain, and last but not least, remove the positive ions that damage our body and cause fatigue or headache.

You will appreciate that woolen blankets are made from the Czech traditional brand Vlnka. Thanks to the use of high quality materials, the products have received world certificates of quality and authenticity.



OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 is a worldwide unified certification system for textile raw materials, intermediate products and end products at all stages of processing to eliminate harmful substances. All non-textile components are also tested in the manufacturing process. For many companies, meeting OEKO-TEX® requirements is an integral part of their delivery conditions.



It is an international quality label awarded by the International Wool Secretariat to woolen fabrics, knitwear, blankets and which guarantees quality according to standardized tests. Products that match the tests may be labeled Woolen Seal.Only the products containing premium, high quality wool from Australian sheep will get the certificate.


Hand washing

This product is ideal for handwashing, we recommend washing at max 30 ° C. When rinsing it is sufficient to gradually lower the water temperature so no precipitation or deformation occurs.Then wrinkle gently and dry in a horizontal position to avoid pulling out the material.

Washing in washing machine

We recommend that you only wash on a wool program that respects a more gentle wash.
Use fine detergent designed for wool, both for hand washing and washing.


Do not dry the product on heater, If the heating exceeds 30 ° C (which is quite common), the water contained in the knit is also heated above 30 ° C and the product shrinks in the same way as in the case of inappropriate washing.

During drying in a dryer we recommend using intelligent woolen balls to absorb moisture, reduce static charge, ease ironing, and even fulfill the softening function. They are also usable out of the drier so you can put them to a basket with laundry for a short duration, where they can also absorb moisture in the meantime.

Do not use fabric softener!

Washing in warmer water (more than 30 ° C) and long machine washing will spoil the product.
This degraded product can not be reclaimed.



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