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  • Camel wool, as the name suggests, comes from camels and is one of the most expensive textile materials available. Interestingly, camel wool does not need to be sheared as in other animals, such as sheep. After a cold season, camels shed their coats themselves, so the clumps of fibers are simply collected. Camel wool is very similar to llama wool. You will usually encounter it in its natural gold-brown tint, but there is also a dyed variant. Clothes are produced from camel wool, such as coats and sweaters, from the coarse threads are made the famous camel carpets.

  • We are very pleased to be able to offer you this extraordinary material in our sortiment and we hope you like our camel wool products just as we do.

  • Let us introduce to you the new range of Camel products in our shop that includes products made of this special material. It is a combination of sheep wool merino with the mentioned camel wool. This combination has beneficial effects of both wools into one truly exceptional material. You can read about the merino wool benefits here.

  • At first glance, Camel products will capture you with their beautiful, rich brown color, which is attributed to their camel wool. It is a natural brown color; the products are not chemically dyed. Thanks to this, the Camel products make a luxurious impression, and they already feel comfortable.

  • It is not an exaggeration when we say that camel wool, thanks to its natural color, fits into every interior. However, in addition to the pleasant appearance, this material also has a number of useful properties. Camel wool is soft and delicate, yet extremely breathable. When you sleep under a camel blanket, you will not sweat. In winter, the blanket will warm up and in the summer it will not let the heat from the outside under the cover. This is due to its excellent thermoregulatory properties, where it does not release heat from either side, thus maintaining your natural body temperature, and at the same time it can evaporate any excess moisture into the air. Thanks to this, you can enjoy the beneficial effects of this material throughout the year, not only in the cold season.

  • Our camel sortiment contain pillows, blankets, sheets and clothes, so you can fine-tune your home in detail. Equally beautiful Camel products also look in combination with Natural Products, so you can create a cozy interier exactly according to your ideas. And what products do we offer specifically with camel wool?

  • You will certainly agree that the main element that every home needs are blankets in which you can relax and enjoy yourself . In our shop you can find two types of wool blankets, single and double layers.

  • Camel 1ply wool blanket is a one-layer blanket and we recommend it in the warm half of the year. Camel 2ply wool blanket is a double layer, twice as thick as a single-layer blanket, and so perfectly heats up in cooler and warmer winter. Both blankets contain 90 % merino sheep wool and 10 % camel wool, which makes them extremely favorable. Bedding with this material can produce dry heat that positively affects rheumatism, pain, illness and exhaustion.

  • For healthy and quality sleep, the pillows you sleep on are very important. Surely you will agree that waking up with back and neck pains is not the best way to start the new day. Try the Camel Sheep Pillow to give you the extra comfort of relaxing. The material of all our pillows is a combination of 90 % merino wool and 10 % camel wool, which represents the highest possible quality between bedding. Natural pillows reduce tension, pain, and last but not least, remove the positive ions that damage our body and cause fatigue or headache.

  • If you suffer from cervical spine pains, we recommend you try our supportive pillows in the shape of a roller or horseshoe. Camel Sheep Wool Roller Pillow and Sheep Wool Camel Neck Pillow  are very suitable for people with cervical spine pains. They are adapted to the lying position, so your cervical spine will perfectly support and give you a sense of relief and comfort. You will also be able to use them in moments of relaxation, or at work, if you sit all day at your computer.

  • In order to make your bed complete and perfectly ready for a good, healthy sleep, ours mattress toppers are a must. Again, you can choose from two variants.

  • Camel Sheep Wool mattress topper is a single layer and we recommend it for use in the warmer half of the year. On the contrary, the two-layered Camel Plus mattress topper is suitable for cold winter weather. Both sheets are made of 90 % sheep wool and 10 % camel wool, are very soft and soft to touch. They are also suitable for allergy sufferers due to almost zero dustiness of the processed material. At each of the four edges, the sheets are fitted with rubber fasteners to ensure a firm attachment to the mattress. Both sheets can be used throughout the year, depending on your preferences.

  • After a good and quality sleep, we recommend slipping straight into our Camel Woolen Slippers and enjoying the comfort and feel of the luxury that this material offers . Slippers are warm and are provided at the bottom with rubber to avoid slipping in the morning rush.

  • Do you also have a problem with cold feet while watching TV or working at a computer? In these situations, we recommend our sheep wool camel TV slipper boots, thanks to them our our feet are still warm, and so we reliably prevent the cold and the difficulties associated with it.

  • Just getting cold causes problems for many people especially during the winter. If you are also experiencing difficulties regarding cold, we recommend trying the Waist Warming Belt Camel. Thanks to Merino sheep wool and camel wool, the belt produces dry heat that relieves you from back pain, menstrual pain, cold, and positively affects urinary tract and inflammation problems. The kidney belt perfectly forms to the body, strengthens your back and preserves the proportion of your body. For example, you can take it to a cold work area where you can use its insulation function. Merino and camel wool on your bare body will pleasantly massage your nerve endings and remove ions harmful to the body, which are also are the cause of fatigue and back pain. Thanks to its thermoregulatory, antibacterial and health-friendly properties, our warming belt has already enjoyed many satisfied customers. Try it too and see for yourself.

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