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Products from the Natural collection

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At our e-shop, you may notice that some of our products are labeled Natural. But what does that mean?

It is a product line that includes the products of true sheep's wool Merino in a natural color. Sheep wool merino is a natural material that is obtained by shearing young Australian sheep at a time when the wool is the finest and of the highest quality. Merino wool does not itch or even irritate the skin, has antibacterial and thermoregulatory properties and contributes to healthy sleep by reducing tension, pain and also removing positive ions that damage the human body and cause fatigue or headache. All products made from this wool then provide these positive and useful properties.

By being produced in its natural color, it retains all the beneficial properties of sheep wool that are not damaged by chemical dyeing. Another advantage is that products fit into any interior. Even in the case of home appliances in a very modern style, you do not have to worry that the use of natural elements will disrupt its overall appearance. The Natural products look luxurious at first glance, and their use in an interior design literally creates a beautiful "warmth of home".

You can find a wide range of products in the Natural collection, such as pillows, blankets, slippers, gloves and much more. The products are made by the Czech traditional brand Vlnka. This brand is the holder of world-class OEKO-TEX® and Woolmark quality and authenticity certificates that demonstrate the quality of its products. And what are the specific products?

The essential product, which can not be missed in the Natural line, is the blanket. You can choose from two types, either a single-layer or two-layer blanket. Wool blanket natural 1ply is a one-layer and fits perfectly in the hottest season of the year. The natural 2ply blanket is two-layer, twice as thick as the one-layer blanket and can be strongly recommended for use in winter. Both blankets with merino wool have antibacterial and thermoregulatory properties. Their advantage is that they warm in the winter and cool in the summer, so they are suitable for use throughout the year. It depends only on your preferences. It is suitable for everyone and also for small children, because merino wool does not itch or otherwise irritate the skin.

When you cover yourself in a Merino sheep wool blanket, a pillow of the same material will be great for you. The natural wool pillow consists of 100% sheep's wool merino, the filling is a hollow fiber that is permanently fluffy, stable and holds its shape. It will make you feel comfortable and sleepy. Due to the very low dust content, sheep wool merino products are also suitable for allergy sufferers.

If you are suffering from cervical spine pain, try our horseshoe or cylinder shaped medical pillows. The natural cotton wool neck pillow and natural bolster pillow made from sheep wool are adapted to the position of the lying down, so you will be comfortably resting on them. They perfectly support the cervical spine and thus relieve the pain. They are suitable for moments of relaxation, sleep, but they are good for work if you sit all day at computer. You can also appreciate them on long journeys.

A special type of pillow you can find in our offer is a rectal and postpartum pillow. It is a medical aid to maximally relieve the sitting area for patients who are permanently or temporarily lying or sitting. The pillow is suitable for patients with hemorrhoids.

You will also use it for spinal injuries, decubitus, surgical procedures in the rectal area or in the postpartum period. It will give you maximum comfort and stabilization while also lightening the seating and backbone. It also supports proper posture. Its use is simple, just put it on the chair or bed and comfortably sit on it.

To make your bed feel complete so you could enjoy the comfort of sheep wool to the fullest, you cannot miss our sortiment of mattress toppers. Again, you can choose from two types, either single layer or double layer sheet.

Natural mattress topper is one-layer and is ideal for use in warmer months. The surface of the sheet is made up of 100% sheep's wool merino, the lower part is covered with a polyester lining. The Natural Plus mattress topper is a two-layered, with merino sheep's wool on one side and with a cotton lining on the underside. You will appreciate it especially in the cold period, when it will warm you up reliably. Both toppers are fitted with four rubber grips in each corner to ensure a firm attachment to the mattress.

After comfortable sleep, slip straight into wool slippers and enjoy the benefits and comfort of the sheep wool. Merino wool slippers are anti-skid, warm and will give you the feeling of luxury you deserve. Slippers are suitable for all-year-long wearing. Their surface is made of 100% sheep's wool merino, the sole is made of rubber.

When sitting at your computer or watching TV, put on our TV slipper boots made out of sheep wool to keep your feet warm. This prevents the cold and the problems associated with it. The TV slipper boots are very lightweight and thanks to the material they use, they also have great features that will be fully felt if you are wearing it on your bare feet.

Do not forget about your hands. From cold hands, you would be cold all over the body, and in frosty weather you could get a frostbite. So equip yourself with woolen mittens, which are highly functional, thermoregulating, and above all they will warm you up reliably. They are suitable for the whole family, we offer them in ladies', men's and children's sizes.

If you get cold do not worry too much, we have a quick help for you. The waist warming belt made of natural sheep wool will warm you up and help you with pain. Sheep wool produces beneficial dry heat and thanks to this, the warming belt relieves you from menstrual pains, back pain, cold, and also positively affects urinary tract and inflammation problems.

Moreover, the warming belt perfectly copies the body and strengthens your back. We also have a tip for you. Put on the warming belt in the cold workspace. You do not have to worry about it being seen. It will be perfectly hidden under looser clothing. Merino and camel wool on your bare body will pleasantly massage your nerve endings and remove ions harmful to the body, which are also the cause of fatigue and back pain.

In order to keep our smallest in the warmth, put them in a natural baby sleeping bag. This baby sleeping bag can be used throughout the year. It is suitable for allergy sufferers or more sensitive babies because they have antibacterial properties and do not collect dust. The children's vest is made in a neutral beige design, so it is suitable for both boys and girls.

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