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Wool blankets and throws

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Do you enjoy a pleasant feeling of comfort and relaxation under a blanket when you sit on the sofa or stretch out on the bed, by coverng yourself and enjoying the warmth that surrounds you?

Blankets and throws made of sheep wool have the ability to absorb moisture and balance body temperature, so the cold will not reach you even at your favorite cottage or on the road. It is perfect to take the pleasant feeling of the comfort and warmth of home with you.

Sheep wool has the advantage of being antibacterial, which means that bacteria does not accumulate or multiply in these blankets and they have a self-cleaning ability. It is therefore an ideal choice for those who do not like to do laundry. And for a pleasant feeling of cleanliness, it is enough to ensure frequent ventilation in fresh air.

At night we often have a lot of dreams, and sometimes it can happen that we wake up sweating. Don't let your sleep be disturbed and sleep like a baby in wool blankets, which in addition to ensuring the ideal body temperature, also has the ability to absorb odors.

What can such blankets be used for? It's easy, ask yourself, "Where does one need a feeling of warmth and comfort?"

The most common answer is at home, where we use them to warm up, for example on the couch, in front of the TV, in bed while sleeping, or we can use them when sitting outside at a barbecue party. Throws are especially suitable for this activity, which, unlike blankets, are lighter, more portable, convenient, take up less space and are often have more decorative designs. On the other hand, classic wool blankets are more suitable inside and ideal for rest or sleep.

Wool blankets and throws are evaluated by Woolmark and OEKO-TEX certifications, which prove that they are made of the highest quality wool and are not harmful to health and suitable for even the most sensitive individual.

In order to become more familair with our products, we have prepared a live broadcast for you, in which we focus on blankets and throws, their properties, maintenance and variants, which you can order from us at Woolville and view in our shop in Zlín. 


1. What makes sheep wool blankets different

2. Properties of wool

3. Difference between 1-ply and 2-ply, what it means

4. Types of blankets - Cream, Natural, Camel, Sheep pattern, novelties, Vlnka

5. Sheep wool throws and how to use them

6. TV blankets - the ideal gift

7. How to use wool blankets

8. Maintenence of wool blankets


You will find blankets and throws in several color variants in our shop, so you can combine and harmonize them with to your imagination. Let's review a few selected from this category:

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