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Using sheep wool vests

Using sheep wool vests

We have talked about the wool and its properties many times. The most important thing we could mention is its exceptional warmth and its ability to absorb sweat. That is why wool is very useful as clothing, especially in cold months.

Using sheep wool vests


It is proven that in spring and especially in summer we do more activities than, for example, in autumn or winter. You surely know the unpleasant to officious weather, when you are constantly cold and therefore you would prefer to stay at home on the couch or under the quilt.

But what about taking this pleasant warmth with you wherever you go?

Clothing made of sheep wool can be taken, for example, into nature for hiking, for horseback riding, to the city to meet a friend, in the garden, at work or just at home.


Imagine that you will have to catch up in the garden in autumn and prepare it again in the spring. While moving, one warms up, but as long as this happens, you can catch cold as well.

And what is it actually about? About woolen clothes from Vlnka in Woolville, which include vests and sweatshirts 2 in 1.

As we strive to make the clothes not only functional but also fashionable, you can choose from several types and designs.

For example, a vest with a collar to the neck, a vest with a hood.

For sport we recommend the vest sport to the neck. Or durable quilted vest.

Using sheep wool vests

And for more cold-blooded and people with joint problems, we recommend a 2 in 1 sweatshirt that also protects the shoulder and elbow joint and can be easily adapted to a hooded or non-hooded vest.

We from Woolville recommend

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