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How to dress for winter

How to dress for winter

Choose warm gloves, scarves and caps

  • Most heat "escapes" from our head and feet. Therefore, it is important to protect these peripheral parts of the body with quality accessories such as woolen caps, gloves, socks ... For extreme frosts, a hat with earflops is ideal. :-)

How to dress for winter


  • Tight clothing does not hold any heat. While loose clothing, it allows more insulation. A tight sweater or dress is made for fashion only. At low autumn temperatures, it may not provide sufficient thermal comfort. If you wear a sweatshirt, make sure you have one or two inner layers. Try wool and knit sweatersvestssweatshirts - you will be surprised!

Use wool winter socks

Invest in quality footwear

  • Wear tall warm boots. Typical closed-toe shoes are generally designed for the autumn season. Winter boots have strong rubber soles to prevent slipping on ice. They are also water and wind resistant. Good boots have internal insulation - preferably with sheep wool. Improve the thermal properties of the shoe with a woolen insole.




How to dress for winter

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