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How to choose shoes, slippers

How to choose shoes, slippers

Choose appropriate shoes for proper use. The more challenging the terrain, the sturdier the shoes.

  • For home wear, use light, mostly fabric, footwear.

  • The use of insoles and other accessories increases the comfort of wearing footwear. Insoles are available in several types and, among other things, help the wearer to solve a problem. E.g. with flat feet, excessive sweating, foot burning, or feeling of cold feet. Quality insoles can fulfill many features. We offer insoles from sheep wool.

  • Children's shoes should be selected with great care. Poor selection can cause foot deformation.

  • Do not pick up already used shoes. There is a risk of spreading fungus or other infections.

  • An inappropriate cut of the shoe or high-heel can cause joint, back or calf muscles pain.

How to choose shoes, slippers

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