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Getting dressed with Merino

08.01.21 7793x read


merino termoprádlo muži a ženy


Do you like fresh air and exercise? You've been getting dressed for your favorite sports over and over for a long time. During almost every activity our body sweats. If we dress inappropriately, sweat will start to chill us after a while and then we are in danger of catching a cold. Whether you do some physical activity - hiking, climbing, running, cycling, skiing or just want to walk through the winter landscape, it is important to think about your health and dress appropriately.

In order to feel comfortable even during a few hours of walking or skiing, it is necessary to choose a material for your clothing. The right material is sheep's wool, which can "support" you during a normal walk or even when climbing Mount Everest.

In the following article, we will advise you on how to dress for your favorite activities and how to choose clothes from Merino. And let's take it from the toes up.


sportovní ponožky

Are your toes frozen after every long walk or hike?

Even if you have good shoes and you are on the move, your toes do not move much. In the worst case, your feet will sweat and, for example, even the best cotton socks become damp and start to freeze in the cold. Merino socks will keep you in the right place. Wool is one of the few materials that can absorb excess moisture while keeping warm at all times. At Woolville you will find socks for casual wear as well as for sports activities or knee socks, for example for skiing.


Feeling pleasant and comfortable is one of the priority ideas of thermal clothing. Thermal underwear is an excellent choice for hiking, where temperatures vary greatly or where it is not possible to use a washing machine. It is one of the most important layers, as it is directly on the body and protects the organs.

Here you will most appreciate that the wool is antibacterial, thus providing protection that suppresses unpleasant odors. Washing is very easy and thanks to its durability it will last you for many years.


termoprádlo thermowave

Do you also often run out without "long underwear" and then after half an hour in the fresh air you return home from cold? Among athletes, this base layer is known under the slogan "Thermal underwear is the foundation!".

Sheep wool thermal underwear will become your second skin, which will maintain your natural body temperature even when outside. It does not allow sweat to chill you as it absorbs and evaporates all moisture away from the body. 

Are you worried about the smell of sweat after a long hike? Thermovawe thermal underwear from Merino wool will also support you in this. This is because wool fiber has a smooth structure and thus differs from other materials. Bacteria that causes odors does not accumulate in the fiber and slide off of it. That's why you can stay odorless in Merino clothes for several days, but it is recommended to always let it air out overnight. In case of washing, just rinse it in cold water up to 30°C and hang dry.

Finally, we have already mentioned the maintenance and washing of wool products in a recent article, and you can read how to clean wool socks and Merino thermal underwear.


We dress according to the season, the outdoor temperature, but also according to the activity. Clothing should be comfortable and primarily functional when performing physical activity. That is why we should choose the right type of thermal underwear. Thermal underwear is divided according to weight, ie wool density. The higher the weight, the greater the density of the material. Depending on this, you can also find out whether it is suitable for winter or extreme sports.


merino termoprádlo triko muži

One of the thinnest types of thermal underwear that you will find in our assortment is Merino ONE50. This thermal underwear has 150 gsm or g/m². It is suitable for light physical activities, for warmer weather in spring or summer. But it can also be used all year round. You can use it for all activities: camping, traveling, hiking, cycling, winter sports, running…


Slightly thicker thermal underwear with a weight of 180 gsm. It is the so-called WARM, and it is suitable for all autumn and winter activities. It is popular with travelers, it is suitable for camping, winter sports, climbing or hiking.


oblečení na hory

The Xtreme thermal underwear has a density of 220 gsm. It is suitable for colder winters or for sports activities, more demanding in cold conditions. Thanks to this, it is a bit more adherent to the body and the underwear are usually equipped with elastic. It consists of two layers and is suitable for climbing, running, hiking and skiing.

But if you would like a more or less weight, we also offer thinner Ortovox clothing with a density of 145 gsm or 230 gsm.

For thermal underwear, it depends not only on the type of activity and temperature conditions, but also on the individual approach. For example, women tend to be more prone to chilling than men and therefore prefer a warmer option. You will also find thermal underwear in various variants for children.


If you are considering buying thermal underwear, or already have it, you should also think about the second layer of clothing, which is usually sweaters or sweatshirts. The right choice of the second layer will maintain ideal properties, which are breathability, warmth, sweat wicking and more. Thermowave sweatshirts are also made of functional material and will become a reliable partner for any activity in spring, autumn, winter or in the cold mountains.


merino ovce
  • Merino is a species of sheep living in Australia. They have the finest wool, which has unique properties:
  • Natural material - a material derived from natural sources and is environmentally friendly. It is renewable,  because it regrows every year and is up to 100% biodegradable.
  • Thermoregulation - Wool is a perfect insulation for the body, it can regulate the body temperature, it warms the body to the ideal temperature and you do not have to worry about overheating. The wool absorbs sweat, so it keeps you at a comfortable temperature even when you sweat.
  • Breathability - Its biggest benefits are its warmth and exceptional breathability. It can absorb moisture and quickly release it into the atmosphere, making it the most permeable substance. This will keep your base layer dry regardless of the environment.
  • Antibacterial - Bacteria do not accumuilate or multiply and it resists devloping any odors. You can wear Merino wool clothes for a long time or repeatedly and you don't have to be worried about an unpleasant smell

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