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What do customers say about our clogs?

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This blog is about you, not us. We are very happy for your reactions, comments and evaluations of our clogs, so we decided to share your views with the public. Your feedback is very valuable to us. Not only do you inspire us, but you also help us to develop our products, taking into account your needs.



You wrote to us how important not only appearance but also comfort during wearing is important to you. And how you were excited about the quality, lightness and speed of delivery:

"I ordered on Thursday and I had clogs at home on Friday. They're beautiful, I have the ones with the strap. Thanks.” 
Lucie April 5, 2020

"Today I picked up white flower clogs at the post office, I couldn't wait to try them and I must say that I'm excited, they are light and fit well. Thank you for the quality and speed of processing and delivery."
Jana April 21, 2020

“The product is good quality and the clogs are very comfortable. They are also in this e-shop for a reasonable price.
Sofia, April 9, 2020


In addition to comfort, you also like the practicality of these traditional shoes, because you can simply take them anywhere and for anything:

“I have had them since last year and they are light and comfortable to wear. Absolutely amazing for me. "
Mony April 1, 2020

"Today the open clogs came and fit perfectly and I have a wide foot. I am very satisfied. I will probably order them at home as well. In my youth I really liked to wear clogs and I am glad that they are on the market again."
Lenka April 20, 2020

"I picked them up a while ago and I don't want to take them off my feet ... they're amazing! And I'm already looking forward to it being nice and being able to go out with them."
Lucie May 15, 2020


You are glad that your clogs fit like a glove and thank you for following our size chart:

"I've never had clogs before, but these are beautiful and nice to walk on. Sizes fit as indicated."
Soňa, April 30, 2020

"Hello, thank you for sending the goods I ordered, I am very satisfied, the size is exactly customized and the clogs are great." 
Simona May 6, 2021


You praised the quick exchange of goods with a wrong size:

"Maximum satisfaction. Exchange of goods (I ordered the wrong size) without any problems via Zásilkovna without additional costs on my part. This is how I imagine communication and selling should be. Absolutely great, quality products, I know long lasting and great for my feet. Maximum satisfaction." 
Marie May 6, 2021


And most importantly, you consider the benefits of wearing clogs to help relieve pain in problematic body parts:

"I would like to thank you very much for your clogs. I have been suffering from scoliosis since I was a child, I also have problems with the cervical spine, flat feet and a deviated pelvis, which now causes me persistent back pain during my pregnancy, so that many times I could not lie down or turn around or sit down. And now, even though I've only been wearing clogs for a week, the pain is completely gone. When I stand for a long time while ironing, I literally feel the shoe pulling me into the right position ... "
Soňa 2.4.2020

"Due to my age, I probably have a collapsed arch, so I praise the profiling of the insole of the clogs, ease of putting on, comfortable walking and the overall look has style." 
Věrka 17.3.2020

"They are amazing, I ordered them for  work and I'm excited. Lightweight, comfortable, I really feel how I walk upright in them ... it completely straightens my back. I recently decided to order some with a pattern of roses for my mother, and she was excited as soon as she saw them, after trying it she's speechless. She said she could have a few. I plan to order another for the cottage."
Veronika May 13, 2020

Your satisfaction simply makes us happy. And if you want to share your experience, don't be afraid to write to us on our Facebook, Heureka, or by e-mail. We are already looking forward to your beautiful reviews. 

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What do customers say about our clogs?

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